I feel more peaceful since our last session! I have allowed myself to be the victim of my own feelings. I see I need to have control of my attitude and my reactions to any unpleasant situations. This will take time, but a positive attitude will just have to replace the anger I have allowed to consume me. I know I will have more thoughts to share with you, but what a beautiful beginning thanks to you. Your kindness and trust have helped open a positive-ness. My love and kind thoughts!

Janie S.

As I progress through this coaching experience I feel more confident that I can reach some goals. I see myself as a “productive person,” and, with your help, I’m actually beginning to think I can really produce what I aim for. I feel the burden of severe procrastination lifting from me. The tools you are providing give me tremendous hope for the future.

Nancy R.

Ever since we talked I’ve been listening to people, and paying more attention to “what I think they are saying.” I realize that there is a strange allowance that we make when interpreting the other, meaning that we know we’re not quite sure, but we allow it through the filtering system. We’re very slushy communicators, we humans. It's a fascinating conversation. I look forward to our next session!

Jim D.

Thank you for ‘turning on the light’ and getting me out of my own head space where I have been stuck this summer! Your obvious dedication to people tells me that you are in the right place, helping people like me take my ambitions to the next level.

Roni R.

Thank you so much for the coaching session. It certainly is beneficial to “put a lens” to fantasies and aspirations and see how they can become more than just that. As with any good experience, our allotted time together passed too quickly. I am looking forward to further exploration of my personal mission and implementation of small and realistic actions toward achieving my joy. Thumbs up on today’s session.

R. Sanders