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15 August 2012
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15 August 2012, Comments 0

Do you have someone in your life who seems to know exactly how and when to “push your button(s)” and get you seething, or yelling, or retreating into grumpy silence? Just one word from that person, and you’re off, up in arms, or in another room of your house…  And then, to top off this “ugh” you get mad at yourself for responding this way.  Can this stuff possibly be stopped?  Can you stop it?  Here’s my question for you: What if the button(s) didn’t exist?  Nobody could push a non-existent button, right?  Not even you could push your own buttons if they were gone.  Let’s find out together, as an alliance for discovery, how to dismantle the buttons that have been in your life and make room for all your good energy.  Get in touch with me. You can reach me at Cecily@alliance4discoverycoaching.com.  Experience button removal with a free coaching session.

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