I'm curious. Why would I consider having a coach?
Do you suspect life holds more happiness and fewer constraints for you than you've got now? Do you have a friend who works with a coach and now your friend doesn't get upset about stuff now the way she used to? Do you want to be less bothered, too? Have you been taking time to do things for others people and not making time for yourself? Do you think you deserve better but don't know what better looks and feels like? Do you think there's some joy in life you are really entitled to? And is it possible that your great positive energy needs to be shared — and coaching may be the way for you to do this? For every reason, welcome to this website! I'm glad you're here!
Ok I'm intrigued. Now what?
Good question! Let's explore what a coach is: your very own non-judgmental ally to travel the road to expressing your joy, discovering how not to feel guilty or constrained or burdened. A coach is a good listener and a good question-asker. A coach is class-taught, and comes with a tool box not to fix you but to help you get you where you aim to go — and a good coach shares those tools with you; those tools become yours. Make use of my contact information and don't look back!
Are coaches therapists? Consultants? Advisors?
No. None of the above. Coaches start with your today and we discover together the buoyancy possible in your future days. Parts of your past may be relevant, but we don't start back there; you'll share with me what you think is relevant, when you think it is. Coaches don't pry or advise, and, besides, you want to become your own best — not a coach's idea of your best. This is your agenda, your path, for the good of you. We'll both explore it; that's what an alliance for discovery is about.
Does coaching take a long time?
No! When you get in touch with me, the very first event is a complimentary coaching session. From our first conversation you'll have at least one tool for yourself and to share if you want to. If we agree to go forward, we'll decide on a time span that sounds reasonable to you, a plan of action, the frequency of our conversations (45-60 minutes per session and almost always by phone), and a package price (say twice a month for 4 months with a bonus session for full pre-payment).
You mentioned price. Can I really afford this?
Yes! Get in touch. You'll see. I'll listen. We'll negotiate. There is a range of rates. Make your decision after you hear the answers!
Do you coach groups as well as individuals?
Yes, indeed. If you belong to a social group or you're a member of an employee team, there are tools that you and your group can find very useful. You can learn about "GAILs" and how to take charge of them, or discover how to create a truly meaningful mission statement for your company or your unit. For example, there's a group of "retired" women who've signed up for six sessions. They are figuring out how to assemble all the wisdom they've gained over the years — and how to share it with their relatives. They tell me they feel so powerful. Try coaching and we'll share transformation together.

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