Are you wondering what a coach is, or what a coach does, and in what circumstances you’d work with one?

My name is Cecily Sharp-Whitehill, and I am a coach.

A coach is a class-taught, qualified and non-judgmental guide, supporter, ally and co-discoverer in your journey to make your life better, happier, more positive (whether at home, at work, or in your own private thoughts). As a coach, I listen to you. Together, we discover what you may feel is missing or in short supply in your life. Or perhaps you have abundant good in your life and want to turn it into more good. Coach and client commit to work together, most often by telephone, on an agreed-upon regular basis, and for a certain number of months.

One "basic" for coach and client link-up is rapport. Mutual respect and positive expectations are interwoven in our association. Coaches are not therapists; we don't dwell on your past, we do cultivate the present to brighten today and your future. We aren't consultants or advisors — each session (45-60 minutes) is about your agenda — not the coach's. What we discover together you can use and apply today, to feel and see how the new, rebooted, improved choices you make can enhance your life, making it more vibrant and energized.

Specialized Client Expertise - Press Your Re-set Button!

Because I coach people of all ages and backgrounds in many parts of the world, I feel confident I can help you, too. I do have special interest, empathy and expertise in working with clients such as:

If your chronological age is 55-90, and you’re unhappy with low energy or a dismal outlook on life — you sense there are more joy-giving choices — and you imagine reinventing yourself, then having a coach can work for you! Many people in this age category, including myself, go back to school — but having a coach is also a choice and possibility! The age range of our alliance4discovery clients is wide, and because I’m in this category, I have a particular sensitivity to life’s beautiful possibilities for us mature folks. Please get in touch!
If you have individual or team goals you need to meet, or maybe pressure to improve work performance is getting to you, or it feels all wrong that “the only way to get something done is to do it yourself” even though you’re part of a team, get in touch with me at to explore how you can coach your team, or re-set your own energy button.
Are you feeling trapped by old ways of thinking and being? Do you feel older than your chronological age? Do you think your choices are dwindling as you become more mature? It is not too late to change course, press your re-set button, and shake yourself loose from the G.A.I.Ls [Gremlins, Assumptions, Interpretations, Limiting beliefs] that want to hold you in their grip. Explore how your preoccupation with energy, health, personality differences or ensnaring routines can be transformed into a joy- and energy-filled life. Send me an email, or call me today!
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If this is the trusted and trusting association you are looking for — or if you're simply curious about coaching — please get in touch with me to make an appointment for your complimentary session; experience your very own first-hand feel for how working with a coach can be your gift to yourself and an asset to others in your life!

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