Cecily Sharp-Whitehill

I began my professional career in public service, working for over 15 years in the criminal justice systems of Maryland and Florida. Over time, I shifted my interests to the private service sector, forming and managing The Traveler in Maryland, a consulting firm and reservation service for small inns. I sold the company in 1989 and formed TeleCompetence, Inc., a consultancy specializing in teaching business speaking and written communications skills to professional service firms.

Having worked with people from around the world, I’m extremely grateful for each coaching opportunity that comes my way. At the heart of our coaching alliance, we’ll work together closely, leveraging several unique coaching tools and techniques from The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).*

Personally, I’m an avid reader (including my son’s adventure novels), an enthusiastic (yet amateur) bird-watcher, a cooperative team chef, a delighted grandparent, and a thriving lover of life – along with the good that I know life holds for us all!

*A few examples of effective iPEC coaoching techniques we leverage in our process include:
  1. A self-examination tool known as ‘GAILS’, which stands for Gremlins, Assumptions, Interpretations & Limiting beliefs;
  2. The Detached Involvement process, a distinction that teaches us how to focus on each moment more powerfully, and;
  3. The “AIM SMART” goal-setting model, which stands for Acceptable, Ideal, Middle, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reasonable, Timely.

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