Our Approach

Explore • Evolve • Expect • Transform

I’m extremely passionate about my career as a personal coach, and revel in working with my clients to bring about sustainable change. In fact, The four words in my logo that accompany the stepping stones (Explore, Evolve, Expect, Transform) represent the process we will use to work together to bring about your transformation.

Together, as coach and client, we'll explore what's important to you. Some clients want to increase their positive energy, while others want to stop letting others "push their buttons.” Some people may wish to discover opportunities galore to reboot their enthusiasm for work-life balance. You may find that you’re not “too old” (or “too young”) to learn, to love, to live life to its fullest. Our exploration is NOT about digging up the past; it IS about making your today and future lighter and more rewarding.

All right! Now that we're in discovery mode, let's look at how you can be the person you are discovering: the energized and vitalized person you really are. Let's see how you can put your discoveries to work and apply them to people and situations so you don't feel limited by others' expectations or overwhelmed by negative thoughts. Can you hear yourself saying, "I can do this!"?
Have you heard the expression "I get what I expect"? How about "I expect what I hope for"? We each hold the power — yes, power — to choose the shape of our lives. I know this for myself, and see evidence in my coaching experience. If you think such concepts as dignity, joy, and freedom from belittling behaviors, should be in your life, let's get going! You really can choose what you expect!
Here's where you get to see and feel how making changes in your thinking can transform you, the people around you, and lift your heart in the process. Transformation can start in our very first conversation. You can discover that events that used to feel daunting, or burdensome, don't even make you blink now. Look out! That's what exploring, evolving, and expecting felicity can do to transform your thoughts. Alliance4DiscoveryCoaching can benefit you!

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