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8 August 2014
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8 August 2014, Comments 0

When you woke up this morning, what were some of your first thoughts and feelings?  That you could “take hold” of this day and accomplish all you planned?  That you felt creaky and not like leaping out of bed?  That there was residue of anger or frustration left from stuff that happened yesterday?  That you feel such joy that you’ve got to share it, so look out, world, here I come?!

The questions before the house are: Who is the boss of your thoughts and feelings?  Are you the boss — the cause?  Or are you at the other end of what you think and feel — the victim of circumstances or others’ thoughts and behaviors?  Which category of attitudes do you prefer, and which will you choose?  Because you can choose. You do have choices. Let’s explore them. Let’s be allies to discover your very own answers!  Get in touch with me at Cecily@alliance4discoverycoaching.com to experience your complimentary coaching session.

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