Collaboration in the Kitchen — Step #1

24 October 2014
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24 October 2014, Comments 0

Collaboration…in your kitchen! Step #1: Have you been “chief cook and bottle washer” for ages, and you’re no longer thrilled with this? This coach says you can be a coach! Step #1 is to occasionally and simply express to your spouse/companion how you are feeling, with no blame, no finger-pointing or hostility towards the other person. Just start putting the idea “out there” that you want collaboration and companionship when you’re in the kitchen. “I feel lonely here in the kitchen.” “I’d love to have your thoughts on/some help with this recipe.” “I think it would be fun to make a crock pot recipe together.” “Let’s figure out together what recipe we want to use to cook this [fish, beef, chicken, veggie dish].” “What would be fun for us to cook together?” It may take time before you get agreement, especially if you are climbing out of a role of always having done the cooking yourself. Keep pursuing this idea; don’t let it go! Collaboration in the kitchen can bring out creativity and energy you may have forgotten you have! Are you curious about step #2? Tune in again in a week or so, or get in touch with me now at

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