About saying "Yes" and saying "No"

13 September 2014
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13 September 2014, Comments 0

You’ve been saying “yes” to just about every request: to serve on a committee; to babysit the grandchildren — again; to bake cakes for the raffle; to take on a special project for your boss.  You don’t like to alienate or disappoint friends, colleagues, offspring.  By saying “yes” you are, after all, only disappointing yourself — and, after all, you’re the only one who’s getting steamed here.  Of course you can set aside your own plans — again.  But that’s getting harder.  You’re getting madder at yourself.  Are there ways to change such situations?  Goodness, yes!  Let’s talk. It’s your turn to ask — for a complimentary coaching session.  And it’s my turn to say, “Yes!”  My email address is Cecily@alliance4discoverycoaching.com.


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