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27 August 2014
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27 August 2014, Comments 0

So, that email you’ve intended to answer, that spot in the rug that’s been annoying you for ages, that friend you’ve been meaning to ask to join you for lunch…they’ve just been sitting in your brain, your thought, waiting for you to act, tapping their figurative feet, and waiting some more…while you guiltily glance past that email, avoid the rug and still don’t make that phone call to your friend.  How much energy are you spending on feeling unhappy about these things?  I don’t know exactly, of course.  But from my own experience I can bet it’s a lot.  Now, would you rather spend your energy in a different, a more fruitful way?  Would you like to get rid of that heavy feeling of putting something off for the umpteenth time?  There’s a coaching tool called AIM SMART.  It’s pretty neat.  You can learn it, apply it (and be ready to share it with someone else!) in one coaching session.  Get in touch with me and let’s talk.  Here’s my email address: Cecily@alliance4discoverycoaching.com for a complimentary coaching session and see what happens!

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