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2 September 2014
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2 September 2014, Comments 0

What’s this about?  Well, conversational safe space is a “place” where your time and space converge with a coach’s time and space.  This is confidential, non-judgmental, mutually trusting space, so it’s safe space.  You can think experimentally and aim high in your aspirations without censorship (unless it’s your own).  This space is built on our rapport, which engenders trust — but your aims and hopes are nurtured by your reality.  A coach asks you open-ended questions.  You answer from that safe space that a coach holds for you.  Just you. 

Would you like to experience such a safe conversation place?  If you would, please get in touch with me to arrange for a complimentary coaching session of between 45-60 minutes.  Whether you’re in Belgium or California, we’ll find a time that works.  My email address is Cecily@alliance4discoverycoaching.com.

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