As I progress through this coaching experience I feel more confident that I can reach some goals. I see myself as a “productive person,” and I’m actually beginning to think I can really produce what I aim for. I feel the burden of severe procrastination lifting from me. The tools you are providing give me hope that this trait can disappear.

Nancy R.,

IPEC Certified Coach
Energy Leadership was developed by the founder of The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (“iPEC”); based on the Core Energy Coaching process by which clients can develop a more effective style of leadership by shifting their energy levels.
Seasoned, Experienced
As a seasoned, experienced coach, Cecily has worked with people of all ages and backgrounds. As a business owner, wife, mother and coach, she has a rich track record that broadens her perspective when leveraging the certified techniques – to help you bring out your best.
Caring, Compassionate
Cecily’s caring, compassionate nature will bring a rich level of empathy and support to your coaching sessions. Her kind, loving nature will drive you to take action in a way that is inspiring and productive.